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About Us

What is a Credit Union?

Credit unions are not for profit cooperatives. Unlike other financial institutions, when you join a credit union, you become part owner. This means when the credit union earns money it is returned to you, the “owner”, in the form of dividends on share saving accounts, competitive loan rates and a wide range of services to help meet your changing financial needs. Your credit union is democratically controlled and relies on you, the member/owner to provide direction and to help set policy. Remember…as a member/owner, you have voting rights!


Who are we?

Our credit union was organized in 1935, and is the oldest federal credit union in the area. Alice Pierbaum, who worked at the newspaper, was instrumental in organizing the credit union for the benefit of her peers. She ran the operations out of her office for several years. At that time, the only services that were offered to the member were savings accounts, payroll deductions and personal loans. From these humble beginnings, with the dedication of a few forward-thinking leaders, the credit union has seen tremendous growth and continuously improving services. Our policy is “Once a member, always a member.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to join?


Is there a minimum balance?

A minimum balance of $25.00 must be maintained in your primary Share/Savings account.

Why join a credit union?

Here is a list of 6 reasons to join a credit union:

  • low rates on loans
  • better credit card deals
  • easier to borrow
  • convenience
  • low fees
  • personal service

How do I join?

Simply stop into our office to start an account. You cannot open an account over the phone as we need you to sign papers and verify your identity. Visit our membership page to learn more.